Costume Rentals from Looking 4 Costumes
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Great Costumes are what we're all about!

Complete costumes from only $25 - $65 each (first week)

Get a 10 Day First Week Rental

Psst! Its like getting your
dress rehearsals for free!
Fifty percent discount on your second week costume rental at Looking4Costumes!

Plus a 50% Discount on Second Week Rental

Extra savings for additional weeks!

Few theater departments could be expected to stock the wide assortment of costumes we do... let alone store them and keep them in good repair. That's where we come it.

We provide packages of all the "specialty" garments you need for the most popular shows. And we're adding new shows each season!

Renting from us is as easy as 1-2-3


Give us a call at (717)945-7310. We don't bite.Get a quote on your show, discuss your ideas, chat with the designer, confirm availability. Gee, that was easy! Now you can...

Step 2


Download the paperwork. Our character sizing charts and rental agreement are below... waiting for you to fill out and return them. When you get our email confirmation of the rental agreement, you can...

Step 3


Once you've chased your actors about, getting their measurements, you can relax... since you've done the hard part. So go work on some other part of the show... we'll take care of getting you our GREAT COSTUMES!

So send us your actor / character sizing list and we will assemble, tag and ship the garments to you... ready for your dress rehearsal.

Complete packaged shows of specialty garments available for rental in 2 to 4 week packages. Send us your actor / character size chart and we will tag and ship the garments to you ready for your dress rehearsals.

Show or Scene Pricing only. To give you these great prices, we do not rent single costumes.

Download the Measurement Forms Here



Wigs, shoes and hose rentals (when available) are separate from costume rentals.

We currently do not rent specialty "prop" costumes (like Little Shop of Horrors).

Be prepared to do a small amount of sizing once you receive the costumes.

Costume pricing varies depending on the size of show, number of pieces rented and time used.



"Extra days on the first week rental means big savings.. It's the smart way to rent!"
Richard Wood
"Janell Berté is a costume goddess!"
Ed Fernandez
Creative Director
Ephrata Performing Arts Center
Festivals and Off Broadway
New York Musical Festival 2011
Mata Hari in 8 Bullets

A succession of gorgeous outfits heighten the pathos in this 2013 New York Musical Theater Festival production!

New York Musical Festival 2011
Daegu International Festival

We were honored to travel to South Korea as part of Central Avenue Breakdown's award winning run.

New York Musical Festival 2011
Central Avenue Breakdown

New York Musical Theater Festival 2011 Award Winner!

New York Musical Festival 2010

New York Musical Theater Festival 2010 look at 1930's Harlem featuring the songs of J.C. Johnson!

Midtown International Theater Festifal
Civil War Voices

New York Midtown International Theater Festival 2010 — WINNER of 6 awards including best costumes.

New York Musical Festival 2009
Plagued - A Love Story

New York Musical Theater Festival 2009 - all about what happend to Cinderella after the ball!